Mar 23, 2014

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We made some major changes as you can see. You should notice a dramatic increase in speed and performance as well as a more simple design. We also improved our search feature so if you know what you want, you'll find it fast!
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Jan 25, 2014

UltraWire Now Available

           Revolutionary Micro-Sized LED Lighting System
The all new UltraWire on sale now: 
Full Spectrum Colors | Superior Brightness | Endless Pattern Combinations

Nov 17, 2013

Helix Case and UltraLeash Now Available

The new Helix Case and UltraLeash on sale now:
The Case features a unique double spiral helix appearance  soft materials, and exterior buttons to activate the UltraLight within.
The UltraLeash is an amazing system to use for spinning your UltraPoi, Ultralights, or both at the same time!  This leash comes with seamless single loop handles paired with high quality swivels and steel rings to make a custom setup.  The loop handles and cord are made of amazing material that is soft and perfect for spinning.  All systems come in Color: Jet Black and come with 2' 6" of Cord.