The Most Feature Rich LED Glowstick in the World!!!
Full Spectrum Colors | Superior Brightness | Endless Pattern Combinations

              The all new v2 Ultralight on sale now!!!


UltraLight RGB LED Glowstick
(Sold Individually (1))
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 List Price: $19.95 (each) +Tax&SH
                   $39.90 (pair) +Tax&SH

UltraLight Battery Door 
(Sold Individually (1)) 
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UltraLeash Soft Cord Leash System
(Sold per Pair (2)) Color: Jet Black
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Helix Case Soft Protective Ultralight Case
(Sold Individually (1)) 
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 List Price: $4.95 (Individual)+Tax&SH

Ultralight: State of the Art LED glowstick with endless pattern combinations.    

Details: Ultra Poi is proud to introduce our newest Professional LED product, the Ultralight! The Ultralight is the first LED glowstick ever to have independent top/ bottom mode control and custom color selection, not just preset colors! The Ultralight uses our dual micro-processor system to control 4 RGB LEDs offering full spectrums of color, superior brightness, and endless pattern combinations. Combine your favorite colors, modes, and options to create a lightshow that is amazingly unique to you.

Length: 131mm

Mass: 40g (with battery)

Diameter: 22mm

Batteries: Each Ultralight requires only 1 AAA battery (not included) and will run at full brightness for about 6-10 hours if using (NiMHs) high quality rechargeable or a standard Energizer/Duracell.  Less run time will result from using low quality knock-off AAA batteries.

UltraLeash Details: The UltraLeash is an amazing system to use for spinning your UltraPoi, Ultralights, or both at the same time!  This leash comes with seamless single loop handles paired with high quality swivels and steel rings to make a custom setup.  The loop handles and cord are made of amazing material that is soft and perfect for spinning.  All UltraLeash systems come in Color: Jet Black and come with 2' 6" of Cord.  

Helix Case: A soft light diffusing silicone skin that surrounds the Ultralight, protecting the light from impacts. While the Helix Case guards you’re Ultralight, you yourself will also feel less pain from impacts during wraps, throws and crashes.  The case features a unique double spiral helix appearance, soft materials, and exterior buttons to activate the UltraLight within.  Helix Cases are a must have if you are spinning Ultralights, they will dramatically increase the durability and longevity of your gear.

Battery Door: To change the battery, use either the tip of your finger or a small tool to pry open the door by using a wedging force.

Pictures and Mode Sheet:
Ultralight v2 - Mode Sheet (Outside)

Ultralight v2 - Mode Sheet (Inside)


  • Just amazing!!!!...Review by ryan_white (5/22/12)           
I recently bought a pair directly from Ultrapoi.com and they are just amazing. You can set them up to make almost literally any color combo you can think of, or set them to one of the color choices that go through all the colors. Also the fact that you can set different patterns on the inside and out just makes them even better than i imagined. Just as strong as flowlights with a tad bit more weight (nothing really noticeable). On top of all this functionality they're super bright and the battery life for me has been amazing I've been using the same batteries for almost 2 weeks now with them on about 1 hour a day.  Overall an amazing product definitely worth buying.

  • AWESOME!!!!...Review by POI_TOY (6/22/12)           

  • Made my night...Review by Spinz (7/06/12)        
These were a Huge hit at Electric Forest. Turned so many heads!! Loving these :D

Please check the Support Page to find information on Warranty, Replacements, and Upgrades.


  1. Ultralights are Ultra Innovative!

    The ultralight is clearly well designed by geeks who <3 LED's and glowsticks as much as I do :) The outer housing is formed to refract and project its light,so it casts rainbows!This wonderful feature is overlooked in the other product descriptions & reviews & really enhances the experience.Its very durable and has enough weight that an extra case or skin isn't needed for just 1 light and its door though hard to open stays in well while in use.Getting to all the options takes getting used to & the possible combinations of colors & modes really are nearly endless!I suggest using only HQ batteries,Tenenergy is good, duracell,energizer or whatever,not so much.The battery life is already excellent,though if you want even longer battery life just turn on 1 end at a time.The manufacturer currently provides a lifetime warranty as solid as flowtoys that includes programming updates! These are slightly larger,brighter,far more colorful and much more innovative compared to even the latest spectrum flowlight.Thank you Scorch of trickconcepts.com for giving me one of these to review at Fire Drums XI!

  2. i can't buy the leashes it just adds another case?