Revolutionary Micro-Sized LED Lighting System!!!
Full Spectrum Colors | Superior Brightness | Endless Pattern Combinations

UltraWire and UltraWire Mini on sale now!!!

Ultrawire LED Lighting System
10 Foot Length | 30 RGB LEDs | 1/2 Inch Sleeve
To buy  UltraWire use the Add to Cart Button, then choose quantity for PayPal Checkout.  (Sold Individually) Patent Pending
List Price: $39.95 (Pair)+Tax&SH

Ultrawire Mini LED Lighting System
3 Foot Length | 20 RGB LEDs | 1/4 Inch Sleeve
To buy the UltraWire Mini use the Add to Cart Button, then choose quantity for PayPal Checkout.  (Sold Individually) Patent Pending
List Price: $34.95 (Pair)+Tax&SH

UltraWire:  Revolutionary micro sized Lighting System that allows anyone to install ultra-bright, multi-functional, RGB LEDs onto their favorite gear!    

      Details:  Ultra Poi is proud to introduce our newest Professional LED product, UltraWire!  From Clothing or Bicycles,  to Dancing, UltraWire is the future of LED fun and safety. Enjoy 10 Amazing Modes, with 3 Brightness settings for long   battery life. Durable and affordable so that everybody can enjoy their own personal lighting!  

      Features:  Durable/Flexible Protective Sleeve, Powered by 2 AA Batteries, Clear Protective End Caps/ Water Resistant,  Quick Connect Plug for Disassemble

Batteries:  Each UltraWire requires only 2 AA battery (not included) and will run at full brightness for about 8-24 hours if using (NiMHs) high quality rechargeable or a standard Energizer/Duracell.  Less run time will result from using low quality knock-off AA batteries.

Modes and Features:

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