Oct 24, 2010

Ultra Poi preview video

All new LED poi technology, this has been a work in progress going on about 6 months now and it has grown into a beast. This poi set will squash all others that get in its way with button control to over 30 sequence modes and a separate button to modulate those individual modes making the possibilities endless. Were taking about ultra bright 3 watt RGB LEDs working together to produce effects and colors that will melt your face clean off....We are finally out of testing and getting prepared for production so get ready because Ultra poi is going to be awesome!!!


  1. Steve- This is Michelle, Cameron's friend...we met at Panic in Houston. Congratulations on all the hard work!! Incredible stuff!!! Can't wait to see you again! But I wanted to talk to you about a hoop!! Would love to get an order in to have it before new years if thats at all possible! Let me know how to get in touch with you!

  2. Michelle send a order to sales@ultrapoi.com or you can use our new cart and add me as a friend on facebook!!! sorry didnt see your comment :(