Nov 22, 2011

Rev Chip is Live!!!

Hey Ultra Poi Fans,

We have a very special announcement to make!  We here at Ultra Poi, LLC are proud to present the Rev Chip, it is the most advanced Micro Controller Chip Technology that we have ever Designed.  We found it critically important to make the Rev Chip extremely sophisticated because it will be featured in all of the upcoming Ultra Product Releases, including the Ultra Poi!  When we began the Design Process on the Rev Chip we wanted to push the boundaries of how a user can Interact and Control the Visual Displays of the Lights they love to use.  With this goal in mind we have paved the way to the most advanced on-board Operating System that a RGB light has ever seen.

With our new Rev Chip not only can you use all of the amazing Preset Modes that you have seen in all of our Ultra Poi videos but, you now are able to build your own Custom Color Sequence by operating the Button on the Light, no computer required!  Additionally all of the Preset Modes and Custom Color Modes have been Upgraded with awesome new Colors and Display Options that are out of this world!  Check out the Mode Sheets and Video below to get a taste of the madness on our first of many Lights using the Rev Chip, the Dropz Rev Microlight, sold on 


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